• Absolute Beginner / NOVICE / Introduction 

This classification refers to a class taught to suit those who have had absolutely no previous dance experience. 

The class will contain a short sequence of easy steps (Standing Steps e.g. touches, sways, heel digs, kicks, stomps etc.) plus easy Travelling Steps e.g. forward, backwards, sideways, demonstrated at a slower pace. 


  • Beginners / Level 1 

This classification refers to a class that will build upon the skills learned at the Absolute Beginner level. Routines will be suitable for those who have some previous dance experience. 

Beginner level choreography will introduce additional step patterns. Routines may also include different rhythms like and the tempos may range from slow to moderate. 


  • Pro Beginners / Level 2

This classification refers to a class that will assume some previous dance experience and basic skills. Level 2 /Pro Beginners  level dances will introduce additional step patterns and physical execution. At this level choreography will use various rhythms and tempos. 


  • Intermediate Level 

This classification refers to a class that will feature dance routines suitable for experienced dancers. Those who have mastered a comprehensive range of step patterns and movements. An Intermediate routine is likely to feature interesting step combinations, pauses, syncopations, body movements, timing variations and styling. 


  • Advanced Level 

This classification refers to a class that contains the full spectrum of step patterns in any combination and will embrace all tempos and rhythms. The routines are likely to include complex dance moves that push the boundaries. 

Advanced level dances can range from a quite short routines, to very complicated, lengthy or totally phrased choreography. 

Invariably they will feature a range of execution movement and direction changes and a host of step patterns all of which will require good technique and co-ordination.