• If I decide to rejoin the Your Hip Hop Class, do I have to pay the joining fee or go back to membership?

If rejoining Your Hip Hop Class, you DO NOT need to pay a joint fee and return back as a casual students, purchase class packages or return as either membership. If you are deciding to cancel your Single or Family membership, you are more than welcome to come as a casual visit student. There is absolutely no pressure at all to commit to one process. 

  • Can I get a refund for my dues and fees?

Your Hip Hop Class casual rates, Class packages and membership fees are non-refundable.

  • What happens if I have a returned payment?

Your Hip Hop Class will attempt to collect all returned outstanding payments until they are paid in full. If two or more outstanding payments are returned within 2 months, then remaining lessons will be revoked and all payments will be required in full on the spot.

Your financial institution may charge a fee for each unsuccessful dishonour attempt. Your Hip Hop Class will not reimburse bank fees due to dishonour attempts.

If credit or debit card payments are rejected, it is your responsibility to contact Your Hip Hop Class  to resolve payment issues.

  • Do you offer financial assistance?

If you are having trouble with a Your Hip Hop Class membership due to financial circumstances, please take a minute to call or visit the studio and speak with a staff member about financial assistance. 

  • What is the process to cancel my membership?

If you need to cancel your Single or Family membership, please email with the title ‘MEMBERSHIP CANCELLATION’ no less than 7 days before your automatic payment withdrawal. Cancelation is not complete until email is received and a confirmation is provided by the Your Hip Hop Class.

You are responsible for checking your emails and bank and credit card accounts to ensure that automatic payments have been stopped.